Monday 2nd August 2021

Making an Impact - Staying Perfect

News from Alumni

The college community was delighted to learn of the impact, success, and achievements of Dante Sofia. Dante joined Archbishop Beck basketball academy in 2017. Standing 6’8 he was the ideal height for a Basketballer and made an instant impact on the college community.

Delme Herriman, Head Coach at Archbishop Beck Catholic College said, “a unique young man, achieving unique success in a unique environment” adding, “Dante was always the perfect student.”

Dante helped Archbishop Beck Catholic College secure the ABL North conference championship, going undefeated (10-0) during the 2018-19 season.

Dante worked extremely hard in the classroom, on the court and on his physical strength over the two years in the college academy.

This led to him being offered a full scholarship to Laramie County Junior College in Wyoming USA, where he spent one season then transferred to UMPQUA Community College, in Oregon.

UMPQUA won their conference, only losing one game all season (15-1). Dante was an integral part of the team success.

Now Dante is hoping to receive a multi-year scholarship to a bigger University during the off-season.”

Highlights from his first season at Laramie County junior college 2019/20

Highlights from Archbishop Beck & Liverpool Men’s’ team

To see the full article, go to the link below.

Paul Dickinson, Headteacher at the college said, “We send our congratulations and very best wishes to Dante for such outstanding success.”

[ Dante is inset ]


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