Sunday 20th June 2021

Welcome to Home Learning

This page will provide you further information if your son/daughter is having to access their education from home due to COVID-19 or any other underlying health conditions.

The work your son/daughter will be completing at home is in line with the sequenced curriculum that would have been taught, if they had been in the College.

Each subject area is using a learning platform to set the work remotely, further information about this can be found below.

If any parent/guardian finds their child having difficulties in gaining access to the work, they are to contact Peter Phillips at

If there are any issues surrounding the work that is being set, parents/carers must contact their child’s Progress Manager who will direct their concerns to departmental areas.

Whilst students are at home, it is advised that they try to adhere to the timetable they would ordinarily follow during the College day. However, due to many circumstances, we appreciate that this cannot always happen and to alleviate any further anxiety students may complete the work set over the course of the week.

Please click on the link below for your child's year group to find work.

Y7   |    Y8   |    Y9   |    Y10   |    Y11   |    Y12   |    Y13

Email for support

Uploading Your Work

A Parents Guide To Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams a Student's Guide

How to Upload Work to Microsoft Teams

How to Access Microsoft Teams via Xbox / PS5

How to Upload Work to Google Classroom


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