Literacy 2019/2020


Literacy is a major focus for us here at Archbishop Beck Catholic College. We value literacy skills as life skills and maintain our ethos of promoting literacy skills across the curriculum.

Reading, writing, speaking and listening are fundamental skills, allowing us to communicate and to understand; we strive to equip all students with strong literacy skills to allow them to reach their full potential.

We seek to equip our students with the skills to write and verbalise ideas with confidence and precision; both technical accuracy and coherently communicating ideas and responses are crucial.

Oracy skills have been at the forefront of our approach and this year’s form time literacy work has focused on debate, engagement, developing vocabulary and debating key issues with formality and fluency. You can see samples of our resources attached. These resources are used in form time and for literacy based starter activities to ensure that students are being challenged to engage with others and communicate in structured and confident ways.

Reading for pleasure is a major focus and we understand the power of reading in supporting wellbeing, developing vocabulary, aiding comprehension, broadening horizons and allowing our students to delve into new worlds. Even in these turbulent times, we seek to inspire students with a wealth of materials. We have made use of the Archbishop Beck Reading Challenge, offered reading lists, liaised with families and created a virtual library and book club to continue upholding our passion for reading. Extra enrichment sessions and workshops with writers continue to inspire our students.

If you would like any more information, please contact Miss Hannah Mangan, Literacy Coordinator by emailing:

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